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Dale Garn Lerke 0017 White


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Dale Garn Lerke 2641 Camel


Dale Yarn Lark 3041 Nougat


Dale Garn Lerke 3046 Cinnamon


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Dale Garn Lerke 5563 Navy Blue


Dale Garn Lerke 5752 Anthracite


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Dale Garn Lerke 8101 Jade Green


Dale Garn Lerke 8104 Dusty Old Pink


Dale Garn Lerke 8105 Denim Blue


Dale Garn Lerke 8112 Emerald Green


Dale Garn Lerke 8113 Dark Old Pink


Dale Garn Lerke 8117 Dark Rust


Dale Garn Lerke 8118 Dark Olive


Dale Garn Lerke 8123 Grey Pink


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Product data

  • Material: 53% wool & 47% cotton
  • Yarn group: B (20 - 22 meshes)
  • Needle Size: 4 mm
  • Gauge: 10 cm = 22 m
  • Weight / Length: 50 grams = about 115 meters
  • Wash & Care: Wool wash 30°C (Never use fabric softener)
  • Drying: Dry flat
  • Other information: Wool wash 30ºC / Never use conditioner / Dry Flat

Product description

Looking for a high-quality blended yarn? Dale Garn Lerke is a perfect blend of merino wool and cotton that's hard to resist. Dale Garn Lerke consists of 53% merino wool and 47% Egyptian cotton. The blend of merino wool and cotton gives you a lightweight and strong yarn that is both warm and can be used in a variety of knitting and crochet projects.

Merino wool is a light and strong natural material with finer and softer fibers. It simply feels soft against the skin. Therefore, it can also be a good material to use in knitting and crochet for people with sensitive skin. Merino yarn does not itch or irritate the skin. Merino wool originally comes from Spanish Merino sheep, but today the breed is found all over the world. Dale Yarn Lark is produced in Italy, from where the Egyptian cotton is also imported.

Merino wool is known for its excellent heat-regulating properties. This makes it ideal for use all year round. The yarn can keep the cold out when the weather is bitterly cold, and on a hot summer day it can have a cooling effect. Merino wool is an excellent alternative if you find pure wool too warm.

Take care of your yarn and enjoy high quality

Dale Yarn Lark has all the good qualities of the two yarn qualities cotton and merino wool. It is a durable yarn with a color and thread that will last for many years. If you want to take good care of your projects, we encourage you to follow the washing instructions. Merino wool can be especially delicate if not superwash treated, so we always encourage our customers to wash at low temperatures such as 20-30⁰ degrees. Do not use fabric softener. After washing, it is important that you dry the project flat.

Dale Yarn Lark - many colors to choose from

Dale Yarn Lark has a large color chart, so you can choose from a wide range of colors and select the shade of green, blue, purple, red, yellow or orange that suits your project. What's special about Dale Yarn's color chart is that they divide the colors into several categories. There are the neutrals, which include black, brown, beige, gray and white. Then there are the pastel colors, which include light yellow, pink, light green, orange and light blue.

After these are the subdued pastels, which are slightly darker so that the color stands out more without being a flashy color. Here you'll find heather, lavender, sea green, old rose and denim blue among others. Last but not least, there's also a selection of retro colors, where you'll find bright pops of color, the darkest colors like cinnamon, terracotta, ruby red, purple, emerald green and navy.

The wide color chart is also one of Dale Yarn's many advantages. It's almost impossible not to find the color you're looking for for your project. Whether you love knitting or crochet, it's always an added bonus that the color or colors you're working with are beautiful to look at. The unique color chart also makes it easy to choose the exact pink, blue, green or orange you want. At the same time, the color chart is so varied that it's easy to mix and match colors to create a color scheme that suits your taste.

Buy Dale Garn Lerke online today and get quality for your money

Norske Dale Garn Lerke is a delicious blended yarn where you might think you're paying more per skein, but in return you get a high-quality yarn with a wide range of colors and a yarn quality that lasts wash after wash. Dale Garn Lerke is a delicious blended yarn that can be used in a variety of crochet and knitting projects. Buy Dale Yarn Lark today and have it shipped to your home address or pick it up from us. It doesn't get any easier.

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7023791152140 (7 023791 1152140)
7023791152188 (7 023791 1152188)
7023791152195 (7 023791 1152195)
7023791153574 (7 023791 1153574)

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