Do you blog?

At Rito, we appreciate bloggers writing about their experiences with different hobby products. We follow blogs and Facebook-pages regarding subjects such as yarn and hobby.

Today we cooperate with many blogs, websites and Facebook-pages. The persons behind the blogs and websites often try interesting hobby products for us. This is an opportunity for them to write their personal experiences and honest opinions about hobby products and eventually maybe distribute these products in a competition. Together we discover the popularity and applicability of hobby products.

Get started

Before we can sent hobby products to you, it's important for us to know different aspects of you and your blog, website or Facebook-page.

We would like to know this information about your website or page:

  • Main topic
  • Approximately numbers of visitors per month
  • For how long time have you been blogging
  • Link to your website

Contact us today, click here.

Please notice, that there might be longer email response time.

To make it relevant for us, it has to be a website with followers relevant to Rito. We consider from time to time whether cooperation is relevant and how many hobby products we can offer. We can't guarantee to cooperate with everyone contacting us.

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