Returns Information

At Rito we offer extended returns giving you the opportunity to regret your purchase for unlimited amount of days! 

NOTE: All return packages must be sent via our online returns portal which can be found here:


Please note before returning:

  • Always remember to include your order number
  • Return packages that are not sent via our return portal will not be accepted.
  • As a customer, you are responsible for the cost of returning the package.
  • Products that smell of smoke or are otherwise damaged will not be accepted for return.
  • Items must be unused and in original packaging. However, if you wish to exchange for another item, you must first return the goods to us, after which we will refund the amount*. It will then be possible to re-order the product.
  • As a private person, you always have an unlimited right of return when you shop at, provided that the item appears 100% new in undamaged condition and in unbroken packaging.
  • Products returned on COD (Cash On Delivery) are refused. Return packages without delivery to the above address will not be picked up. Return packages must be sent to the return business address. To regret your purchase, you can also refuse the package.
  • It will typically take 10-14 working days to process your return.

*If you are returning orders that are more than 180 days old, we cannot refund your money, instead you will receive a gift certificate.

Returning the products

If you, against expectations, aren't satisfied with your purchase, you can use our unlimited return policy. If the conditions are kept, you can return your products within unlimited days. Returning a product not caused by a Rito failure, you are responsible for any shipping costs. If the following conditions comply, we refund the amount:

  • The product is intact and unused
  • The product doesn’t smell of smoking fume or cooking fume
  • The product hasn’t been exposed to moisture, etc.

We don’t refund used or damaged products. If you return yarn, we demand the banderole to be intact. We kindly ask you to return the product in a proper packing to avoid damage during the shipment. Please, enclose your invoice and we will refund the received goods.


Do you want your money back, they will be transferred to the payment card used. If that’s not possible, we’ll contact you in order to find an alternative solution.
Typically, it will take up to 10 business days for your refund to be processed.

At refunding, you'll receive the full item amount. If you choose to return the full order, you’ll also receive the full shipping costs. Please, save the shipment receipt, so we can repay the correct amount.

If you refuse to receive the package, we consider it as a wish of refunding. Then we’ll contact you in order to hear your wishes.


If you want to exchange a product because of the wrong quality, color or size, we’ll be happy to help you. Please, return the product you want to exchange and we will make a refund, so you're able to order the new product. Quickly and with ease.

If you want to exchange the product to a more expensive product, we want you to return the bought product first. Then order the product you want to buy. We return the full amount on your bank account.

Please notice, that we can’t charge extra money on your credit card. For safety reasons to protect you as a customer, it’s not possible.

Warranty and Complaints

If your product is damaged or defective, please contact us for warranty or complaints before returning your package. If your warranty is approved, we naturally repay your shipping costs and the amount of the product.

Please notice, that we don’t refund any packing costs. If the product has been damaged because of unusual wear or wrong use, your shipping costs won’t be covered. If you use the warranty, we ask you to inform us about the defective product. Please, read our information about warranty in our terms of trade.


  • Contact us before returning an item back to us
  • Shipping costs related to returning items under warranty will be covered by Rito
  • Save the receipt and track and trace information
  • Remember to wrap the product in proper packaging

Product warranty must be within a reasonable time after receiving the product, and the customer is obligated to examine the product as soon as possible after the receipt. 

Return date

We offer unlimited days of returns for private customers.

COD, packages without delivery and recommended packages

  • Products returned to Rito as COD is rejected.
  • Packages returned to Rito without delivery is not picked up.
  • Products sent as recommended packages will be received but we don’t cover the expenses.
  • Rito ApS covers the ordinary shipping costs (not recommended or additional services)

Shipping costs at returning

Returning any product the shipping cost is covered by the customer. Rito ApS only wants to cover the shipping costs, if the returning is caused by a failure from Rito ApS.

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