Hobby Line Glue Gun Black 7.2mm 10W

Reference: 552121 - Manufacturer: Hobby Line

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Product description

For many people, a glue gun is an indispensable tool in the home. The functional tool can be used for both creative projects and practical repair purposes.

Whether you sew, paint, build, work with wood or repair, the glue gun is a must in the home.

Extend the life of your things and get creative

There's no need to throw out that broken frame or put your creative building projects on hold because you're short of strong glue. With a glue gun, you can work with stone, metal, wood, cardboard, plastic, ceramics and fabric and express yourself as you please. You can make stable stone sculptures or create your own metal figures with the powerful glue used by the Hobby Line glue gun.

The glue gun from Hobby Line is a classic and sturdy model that can stand up to being used again and again. Its sturdy design and ergonomic handle make using the gun hassle-free for amateurs and professionals alike.

Please note that the small metal tip reaches the same high temperature as the glue.

The glue gun must be used by adults.

Ergonomic design makes it easy for you to work

The Hobby Line glue gun is designed with ergonomically shaped handles that give you full control of the tool when gluing. The long cord gives you a good reach on your indispensable tool.

The glue gun uses 7.5mm glue sticks. These are available in many different versions. Whether you use clear glue for repairs or use glitter glue for hobby tasks is entirely up to you.

The glue melts at about 110 degrees, and the functional Hobby Line glue gun heats up efficiently.

The Hobby Line Glue Gun Black 7,2mm 10W comes with 2 glue sticks.

EAN: 5700135521214 (5 700135 5521214)

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